The Maker Club is looking for members to participate in building competitions and community projects!


The Sierra College Maker Club is building a multidisciplinary organization looking to take input from all directions; Our intent is to explore our creative and innovative ideas and make them a reality. We plan to participate and host build competitions and explore ideas for future group projects. As


What kind of students are we looking for? Everyone! 

For example, we could use students studying (but not limited to) Art, Business, Design, Engineering, Marketing, Welding, CNC, Theater, etc. We plan to provide tools and resources that apply to our disciplines so that we can advance into our projects.

*Currently we are focusing on organizing the Mini-Maker Fair and Fashion Show.*


Whats our ambition? 

- Allow students to brainstorm together to influence and advance our ideas.

- Compete as a team in competitions and events!

- Become financial self-sustained!

*Our club is currently in the works of the foundation, however, we have a lot of support from the faculty and community. We would love to hear your ideas!*