Join us for October's Cleantech Meetup, a technology-focused monthly gathering that features presentations about products and technologies from companies that are already in operation as well as early stage startups. As always, appetizers and drinks will be served!

This month's the focus is on "Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings." We'll hear from AI startup, Hank, Sacramento State, and Frontier Energy.

  • Zachary Denning, CEO and Founder, Hank -- "The autonomous Building Engineer"
  • Marcus Romanie, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept at the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Californai State University, Sacramento
  • Frontier Energy - a professional consulting firm that specializes in energy efficiency and advanced energy solutions for residential and commercial buildings, food service, transportation, and next generation grid.
Space for this meetup is generously provided by Hacker Lab.

Graphic Image courtesy of Frontier Energy.

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