What You'll Learn

Learn the basics of how to create your own parts with a CNC mill or lathe. This class starts with equipment and operator safety. Equipment and tooling choices, together with the software needed to design your ideas in metal or plastic begins your knowledge base. Home-based machining challenges you to pick up a number of different kinds of knowledge, but, it can be fun and profitable. This is a growing field, and much of the information is free and shared by enthusiasts from all over the world.

This class will show you how machining software generates toolpaths, and how to choose tooling needed for your application. Material properties, and the costs associated with beginning and advanced levels are covered. Access to online tutorials, guidelines, and workshops are organized and shared in printed and digital format. Demonstrations on our Tormach milling machine will be set up, and membership guidelines to access and use the machinery will be discussed.

    Skills Covered

      Important Information

      For all classes:

      - Bring a notebook, writing instrument, and a flashdrive to download manuals & save work.

      - Students will be required to sign Hacker Lab's general liability waiver prior to the start of the class.

      - This class is run in partnership with Sierra Community Education, additional Hacker Lab courses may be required in order to be certified to use Hacker Lab equipment for personal projects.

      - For issues with ticketing, rescheduling, etc. please contact Sierra Community Education through their website, http://sierracommunityed.org/ .

      - This class is intended as a getting started / safety / introductory class and does not provide industry recognized certifications.

      For Makerspace/Shop classes:

      - Closed toe shoes or leather boots are ideal, and student wearing open toed shoes will not be permitted to participate.

      - Don’t wear anything that you don’t mind getting dirty.

      - Bring safety glasses/hearing protection if you have them.

      - Long hair must be tied back.

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      ROC-SCE: Intro to CNC Machining
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