Un/Equal Freedoms: Expressions for Social Justice is a multidisciplinary exhibition of art and prose reckoning with the unequal freedoms embedded in our social structures.
Representing work by professional and emerging artists, individuals and groups, students and community members, the group offers artistic expressions for social justice, laying bare these unequal freedoms. Themes include:
  •     Empowering marginalized voices,
  •     representing forward action,
  •     Offering a vision for an improved society.
This virtual launch party will be held via a YouTube livestream at this link.  Feel free to subscribe & turn on notifications  for the Sac State CRISJ YouTube channel to make sure you get a ping when the event starts.

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About The CSUS Center on Race, Immigration & Social Justice

The CSUS Center on Race, Immigration and Social Justice (CRISJ) addresses social and educational inequities facing the university and larger community. It seeks to transform the educational culture to an exciting and empowering one that reflects the strengths and needs of our local and diversified communities.  For more information, click here.