What You'll Learn

- Starts with a safety orientation and introduction to safety features of the tools available.

- Then participants will get down to using each of the tools in the wood shop.

- Use and safe operation of the Bandsaw, Joiner/Planer, Thickness Planer, and Circular Saws.

- Participants will know how to inspect a tool for defects, how to safely change blades, how to adjust the saw to maximize cutting accuracy, and will see demonstrations of safest methods for using Hacker Lab's woodworking equipment.

  • Bandsaw
  • Joiner/Planer
  • Thickness Planer
  • Circular Saws


    Important Information

    Please make sure to sign our general release of liability agreement before class.t the teacher’s consideration, classes with 2 or fewer students signed up may be cancelled and students asked to re-enroll in the next class.

    This class is part of our Maker Space Training. It is a required class for anyone wishing to use the wood shop power tools at the Sacramento Hacker Lab.

      About the Instructor

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