What You'll Learn

Create a fun party wearable in this beginner friendly programming and electronics class.


In this workshop, we’ll program a fun party wearable device using the Circuit Playground Express from Adafruit. https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-circuit-playground-express


The wearable will use its onboard speaker to ask questions about your favorite things (dogs or cats, mountains or beach, favorite color, etc.). You’ll answer using the push buttons and touch pads on the wearable. Then it will light up in your favorite color, and watch for other Circuit Playgrounds in the area using IR sensors. When it finds one, it will compare that person’s favorites with your own, and light different colors to show the comparison results. Project includes a LiPo battery and charger, so you’ll have a complete party wearable to take home with you!


We'll Cover:

  • Programming the Circuit Playground Express
  • Electronics Basics

Skills Covered

  • Circuit Playground Express

Important Information

No prior experience necessary and great for families. You’ll go home with a fun and colorful holiday project!


Bring your own laptop if you'd like or use one of Hacker Lab's computers.


Using your own laptop is recommended if you want to keep playing with the programming of the board after you leave.


Parent-Child teams under 1 ticket are encouraged!

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