With Intro to Basic Sewing Machine, learn the basics sewing with the Bernina sewing machine. This course is great for people with a household sewing machine they want to learn how to use, or who want to use the basic machines in the Rocklin Sewing Lab.

Equipment Covered

  • Bernina 1009 Sewing Machines
  • Textile Lab - ROC

Important Information

For all classes:

- Bring a notebook, writing instrument, and a flashdrive to download manuals & save work.

- Students will be required to sign Hacker Lab's general liability waiver prior to the start of the class.

- This class is run in partnership with Sierra Community Education, additional Hacker Lab courses may be required in order to be certified to use Hacker Lab equipment for personal projects.

- For issues with ticketing, rescheduling, etc. please contact Sierra Community Education through their website, http://sierracommunityed.org/ .

- This class is intended as a getting started / safety / introductory class and does not provide industry recognized certifications.

For Makerspace/Shop classes:

- Closed toe shoes or leather boots are ideal, and students wearing open toed shoes will not be permitted to participate.

- Don’t wear anything that you don’t mind getting dirty.

- Bring safety glasses/hearing protection if you have them.

- Long hair must be tied back.

    About the Instructor

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