Join us for a comprehensive introductory workshop covering SQL & Databases.  Aimed at the beginner who knows enough to have encountered SQL/Databases, yet hasn't the faintest clue where to start, we'll cover the basics needed to begin diving deeper into this essential component of almost every modern software system.

SQL is a powerful tool for manipulating data. This class will help start your journey towards controlling databases, managing and testing huge amounts of data, and combining data from multiple sources. SQL & database familiarity are valuable job skills for both office workers & developers, and SQL Developers & Database Administrators are high-paying career fields.

This lecture details data types, tables, table relationships, and an introduction to Structured Query Language. We will utilize GitHub to obtain our course materials and to practice our queries.

We'll Cover:

  • Data tables:
    • Introduction to data types
    • Overview of entity relationships
  • Defining Structured Query Language (SQL):
    • Reading code
    • Types of statements
    • "How to develop business questions"
    • Introduction to queries

Important Information

  • An interest in learning about databases and Structured Query Language
  • A Github Account (can be create for free, here: )
  • Read this how-to for forking GitHub repositories, as this will be how you obtain the course materials

    About the Instructor