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We hope everyone is healthy and well during these trying times.

As we all adjust to new realities and commit to minimizing the spread of COVID-19, and adhere to Social Distancing throughout 2020 to minimize the spread of this deadly virus, we want to take utmost care to ensure that everyone is safe and protected…

Digital technologies are opening up a new paradigm for the future world and fast transforming our society. Intelligent Homes, Smart Buildings, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Autonomous Cars and Automated Factories are opening up new possibilities for how we interact with the world in our daily lives.

Future Worlds will connect Smart Cities, Autonomous Cars and Autonomous Worlds, Virtual Reality, AI and Machine Learning, Human Computer Interfaces, Internet of Things, Drones and Robotics, Cloud, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity.

The 1st Future Worlds Symposium, fire-starter event, was held last year on Aug 2nd at Sacramento City Hall, City Council Chambers, with the Keynote by Dr Vint Cerf, Chief Evangelist at Google, also known as one of the “Founding Fathers of the Internet”, and Welcome by Sacramento Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, other keynote speakers - Sean Harrington, Vice-President, Products and Engineering, City Solutions, Verizon and Maria MacGunigal, CIO, City of Sacramento, with the decision of Verizon to make Sacramento the first city to roll out its 5G technology, with a $100 million investment, and Volkswagen’s initial $44 million investment in electric vehicle technology.

We had a very interesting Q&A moderated by Louis Stewart, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Sacramento.

Further, we had talks from Intel Worldwide Communities Head, Robert Duffy, on Democratization of Innovation, Prof Bebo White from Stanford SLAC, on BlockChain and IOT for Future World, Prof Sven Koenig from USC and Chair SIG AI, on an AI World, and many other speakers and Innovator demos presented and supported with gracious sponsorship from Google, Verizon, Intel, SMUD, Impact, R Systems, SymSoft, Glocol Networks and other organizations, led by ACM Sacramento Chapter.

The 2nd Future Worlds Symposium was held at Sacramento Public Library on September 26th 2019 with the opening keynote by Michael Wilkening, Special Advisor on Innovation & Digital Services, Office of Governor and Technical Keynote by Mighael Botha, CTO, N America, Software AG and a panel of the CIOs from Sac County, State of California and SMUD as well as poster sessions from students.

A very interesting panel on Innovation in Government - How would IOT and AI accelerate Digital Transformation? included panelists Scott Gregory, Chief Digital Innovation Officer, California Department of Technology, Rami Zakaria, Chief Information Officer, Sacramento County, and Stephen Clemons, Chief Information Officer, SMUD moderated by Dr Harsh Verma, Chairman, ACM Sacramento Chapter, Intel Innovator and Vice-President, R Systems.

We are excited to be coming up very interesting keynotes, speakers and panels from around the world this year as our 3rd Future Worlds Symposium in 2020 turns virtual and will be held on Zoom.


9:05 AM
Welcome to ACM Sacramento Chapter Future Worlds Symposium 9:05am  - 9:15am  
9:15 AM
Future Worlds - Edge AI, Cyber-Security and IOT 9:15am  - 9:30am  
9:30 AM
Keynote - Intel - Simplifying Development for Edge AIkeynote 9:30am  - 10:00am  
10:00 AM
Developing Intelligent Vision Software and the Future of AI 10:00am  - 10:40am  
10:45 AM
Edge AI, Cloud, and VR Robotics 10:45am  - 11:25am  
11:25 AM
Next Gen Visual Inferencing for Neural Network Optimization - Open Sourced 11:25am  - 12:20pm  
12:30 PM
Innovation Transforms How We Workpanel discussion 12:30pm  - 1:30pm  
2:00 PM
Keynote - American Self-Defense in Cyberspace keynote 2:00pm  - 2:50pm  
3:00 PM
Cyber Security Challenges and Solutions for the Internet of Things 3:00pm  - 3:40pm  
3:40 PM
Moving Care Into The Home: Reimagining Health In The Age Of A.I. & IoT 3:40pm  - 4:20pm

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There are a limited number of discounted tickets available for Hacker Lab members.
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