Join this great Meetup group put on by Hacker Lab staff and teachers, to learn about the latest in electronics and microcontrollers projects. This forum is a great place to bring your latest project and your questions. Our teachers will be bringing their most recent class projects and personal projects to share with you. Special presenters will join us to share their knowledge - everything from hardware systems to the latest in Parallax projects.


This Month:

This month Kyle Miller from Placer Advanced Robotics and Technology will talk to us about the organization, its goals, and accomplishments. Kyle will have several of PART team of high school age builders and makers join him. We will have an open discussion of ways that Hacker Lab could work together with PART. Please join is for the interesting talk on August 21, 20019 at 7:00 PM.

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ROC-Meetup: Electronics Techie Night Meetup
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