The Gold Country Brewers Association will demonstrate the basics of home brewing at a Hacker Lab event on Saturday, Nov 2nd. At this free event, club members will make several batches using beginner and advanced methods on different brewing systems. We'll show all of the ingredients and the process to turn them into beer, and there will be some homebrew samples.
It doesn't take much to get started brewing at home, and if you're into DIY this hobby can keep you busy.
The Gold Country Brewers Association is the oldest homebrew club in the area and meets at Hacker Lab on the second Tuesday of every month. It's free to come to check out meetings, which feature a different beer style and educational talk every month. Members take part in demos like this, serve beer at brewfests, run the annual Celebrewtion home brew competition, and participate in trips and tours at breweries across Northern California.
SAC-Special: GCBA Hosts: DIY Brew Day!
Hacker Lab Sacramento 2533 R Street Suite 120, Sacramento CA, 95618 Map

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