Hacker Lab is partnering with Sac-IEDC to bring you a series of webinars designed to help businesses with their transition to the digital world.

Once, you dreamed about being a business owner.  You knew it would be hard, but that’s why you signed up - to defeat the odds and help customers on your terms, not your boss’s.  

But it’s 2020, folks.  And we know what THAT means.  Yup, we need to finally embrace getting our businesses online.  


...if you’re like us when you hear ‘digital marketing,’ you silently groan and it’s like someone just handed you a big backpack to wear.  That’s because digital marketing has become so complex.  But the good news is that this complexity offers loads of options that just weren’t there a few years ago.

Now, your only problem is to sift through all the good info.

So that’s where this class comes in.  Allow us to be your guide, and we’ll show you how technology has been able to slash real world costs by being able to get in front of more people like your customers, digitizing your advertising, and offering your products right from your customers’ phones.  

In this class, we’re going to teach you how to think like a digital marketer (and here’s a hint: it’s easy when you know what to look for).  

We will discuss:
  • Digital marketing business model overview
  • Marketing loops, funnels and flywheel strategy.
  • Essential building blocks of successful online business
  • Establishing marketing KPI structure.
  • Success stories from businesses that have converted online.
Sound good?  Good.

You can do this!  Let us show you how to demystify digital marketing.  Walk away with a framework that will help you think logically and holistically about how to get online.

How to attend

This webinar is being run in partnership with the Sacramento Inclusive Economic Development Council (Sac-IEDC).  To qualify to receive Technical Assistance, your business must be located in Sacramento, and you must fill out the form at the following link: https://hackerlab.org/en/page/iedc#applyopen.

We may contact you regarding missing information.

Once your information is submitted you will be provided confirmation and a link to start scheduling 1:1 Consulting sessions and register for the above Webinars.

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