For programmers with some basic experience, this 4-week crash course in C++ will get you all you need to know to gain new skills, improve your portfolio, and have a better understanding of code & Object Oriented principles.

C++ is consistently ranked as one of the most in-demand programming languages by industry experts (IEEE 2016).  It is the quintessential object oriented language and the underlying language behind many of the largest programs and software packages.  That level of usefulness however means that starting out with C++ can be a particularly daunting task.

The C++ Crash Course will get students started on the right path by offering a structured series of content and challenges aimed at a good understanding of the fundamentals of C++.

The course covers:



  • Getting Started, Compiling, & Syntax
  • Learn How to Interact with data
  • Learn variables and data types
  • Begin to understand basic io concepts



  • Run through loops and control logic
  • Learn how to use and misuse arrays
  • Learn about a program's memory footprint and why it matters

Object Oriented Programming

  • Gain and understanding of object oriented programming
  • Write your own class for parsing and storing JSON
  • Learn about templates, inheritance, & overloading

Who is this class for?

Finished Intro, Wants More
Maybe you’ve run through an intro programming class, or maybe you’ve dabbled enough in a language to get a feel for what programming is all about.  If so, this class is the perfect next step to keep your learning going.

Existing Developers
Perhaps you are a developer already, but primarily works in another language.  C++ can help build an understanding of the code making up the operating system & tools you already use.  C++ gives insight into the structure of the computer itself, how resources are managed, and why certain programs behave the way they do.

Curious Quick-Learners
While some programming experience is strongly recommended, if you’re a quick learner, exceedingly curious, or just want to dive right in, this class may still be for you. 




This program will run 2 nites/week for 4 weeks.

DAYS / DATES: Tue-Thu, January 16th – February 8th

TIME: From 6:30-9:00 pm

Members will receive a 50% discount on the course fee. See the signup page for more details.

Please bring your own laptop if at all possible.

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