About This Class

Most entrepreneurs get so close to the service or product they're bringing to market, they forget the importance of creating a clear, concise and compelling brand position. Or they talk about it in terms of how it works, rather than the benefit it will provide and to whom. Consequently, they run the risk of someone else creating the brand position for them - the media, investors, partners, and even their own employees. You have one shot, maybe two, to get it right. This workshop will help you do that and show you how to apply it to every audience that matters to the short and long term benefit of your company.

In this class, you will create a brand positioning statement, messaging points, and short narrative for a company that you are currently working to start or one you’re considering starting.

What We’ll Cover:

1. Learn the value of a well-defined brand position and narrative.

2. Learn how to identify and articulate your company's unique value proposition.

3. Create a brand position, narrative and messaging architecture for your company that can be applied to any audience and purpose.

About the Instructor

Aaron Heinrich: I have over 20+ years as a PR and marketing professional working with companies that have ranged in size from Fortune 500s to startups and in industries that include wireless, app development, CPG, software, hardware, ed tech, sports, healthcare, and food. For the past 8 years, my focus has primarily been on helping companies develop and solidify their brand position, messaging and narrative.

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ROC-200: Hack Your Brand (Before Somebody Else Does)
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