Take the Training Necessary to Become IPC Certified

This is the first in a series of three Bootcamps, designed to prepare students for the IPC J-Standard certification tests. Our instructor is an IPC Certified Trainer, and ready to help you gain the training you need!

This Bootcamp is an 8-week series of classes designed to prepare students for the IPC-A-610D certification testing. The IPC-A-610 program is designed to train students to the industry standard program for quality assurance/visual acceptance of electronic assemblies.

NOTE: For those who are interested in only a portion of the training, you can limit your training the portion you need.  In each Bootcamp, there are 8 modules to choose from.  Students must take a minimum of 3 modules.  Each module is $150, so the class fee ranges from $450 - $1,200.  If you want to just take a portion of the program, please email <[email protected]> to purchase the modules separately.

IPC A-610 Training Course Topics:

• Purpose and application of IPC-A-610

• Soldering criteria, including lead free connections

• Soldered requirements for connecting to terminals

• Soldered connection requirements for plated-through holes

• Surface mounting criteria for chip components, leadless and leaded chip carriers

• Swaged hardware and heatsink requirements of mechanical assemblies

• Component mounting criteria for DIPS, socket pins and card edge connectors

• Jumper wire assembly requirements

• Solder fillet dimensional criteria for all major SMT component groups

• Soldering techniques, such as tombstoning, dewetting, voiding and others

• Criteria for component damage, laminate conditions, cleaning and coating

• Hardware installation

Class Dates:

Module 1: , Monday, Jan 22nd

Module 2: , Monday, Feb 5th

Module 3: , Monday, Feb 12th

Module 4: , Monday, Feb 19th

Module 5: , Monday, Feb 26th

Module 6: , Monday, Mar 5th

Module 7: , Monday, Mar 12th

Module 8: , Monday, Mar 19th


About the Instructor

Linda Sisneros is an IPC Certified instructor and teaches classes at both ARC and Sierra College. She is highly skilled at training people to become professionals in the technology sector, whether for jobs as quality assurance experts, assemblers or with Plated Through-Hold Soldering and Surface Mount Technology.

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