About this Class

Take this class to learn the basics about sewing fabric covers for couch cushions and chair cushions.  For those of you with outdoor furniture that has ratty old covers, if you’d like to learn to sew your own, you can invest your money in fabric you love and take this class to learn how!

This class will help you learn how to:

– Sew heavier (upholstery) fabrics

– Sew piping into the seams

– Create patterns from your existing cushion covers

– Sew zippers and other finishing touches into your cushion covers

– Sew fabric connectors between two cushions

Pre-requisites: You must have completed our “Beginning Sewing 101” or have basic experience with a home sewing machine.  For this class, it will help if you have taken our “Industrial Sewing 101: Straight-stitch Machine” class also.


What to Bring?

For those of you with a smaller project (chair cushions that need to be re-covered), feel free to bring it with you. Along with fabric to use for the project.  (The fabric store should be able to help you get the correct yardage and style of fabric for the project.)

If you just want to learn how to sew cushion covers, or you have a larger project that needs to be sewn, consider using this class to gain the skills, and then work on your project outside of class time.  (We have several sewing instructors who may have time available to help you with projects.)  For this class, one of our members is donating his RV couch cushions to use for a class project.  Students will be working together to learn how to sew covers for larger cushions.  These covers will include zippers and the use of piping.


About the Instructor

My name is Steve Rabbon. I am also called Oso Tama, by my friends. I am a retired electrical engineer out of San Diego and the Silicon Valley. I worked for many years designing specialized circuitry and systems, including robotics, sonar system design, and aerospace/military systems design.

I love helping people design systems that are functional yet beautiful, and really enjoy working with artists who want to incorporate technology into their artwork. My specialties are including light, sound, and other interactive response mechanisms into art pieces, using Arduino or Raspberry Pi processors. I also love working with electric motors, and using solar power and rechargeable batteries to make things run.  I’ve been sewing for many years with industrial sewing machines, and enjoy being able to make my own upholstery projects.  My sewing projects have ranged from repairing the soft top for my convertible car to sewing cushions for couches and RV’s.  I love teaching others what I’ve learned, so they can come up with better designs.

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