Intro to Metal Fabrication is your introduction to the use of our metal fabrication tool bench. The tools include a lathe, milling machine, drill presses, shear, brake, and numerous hand tools. Attendees will perform setup, machining, and troubleshooting operations to gain confidence.  

All users of the metal fabrication tool bench are required to take this introductory course.


How will this class be structured?

Members will learn how to safely setup, operate, and troubleshoot the HackerLab metal fabrication tools. These include drill press, lathe, milling machine, shear, brake, and numerous hand tools. Attendees will learn to safely perform fundamental operations on these machines to gain confidence and control.


  1. Safety Hazards, Precautions, and Requirements
  2. Liability Waiver

Tool Bench Usage & Operation:

  1. Drill Press, Lathe, and Milling Machine Applications
  2. Properties of  Materials Suitable for Machining
  3. Material Hold Down  Methods and Considerations
  4. Tool Bit Selection and Mounting
  5. Speed  and Feed Considerations
  6. Cutting Lubrication and Cooling Needs
  7. Operational  Demonstrations
  8. Hands-On Exercises
  9. Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  10. Overview Available Machine and Hand Support Tools
  11. Resources for Educational Material and Tooling
  12. Clean-Up Protocols
  13. Q&A – Next Steps, Classes etc.


What to Wear/Bring?

  1. Closed Toed Shoes
  2. Notebook and Writing Instrument
  3. Flash Drive to Download Manuals and other Resources


What will students get out of this class?

Members successfully completing this introductory course will be able to safely perform basic machine and hand tool operations using the metal working tool bench under some safety supervision.

Richard Drais's photo

About the Instructor

Richard Drais started as a machinist around 1995. He worked with a buddy who was doing some side work for his dad. They needed help drilling some basic parts and Rich started working part time at the company. They were expanding and asked if he was interested in full-time work.   He worked there for a year, at which point the company set up a plan to support training at sierra college, and offered pay incentive to encourage the employees to take the training.   Rich enrolled in the sierra machinists certificate program, which helped him learn even more and advance in his job.  He’s been in the industry for 17yrs .

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