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This is not your average Micro-controller class. Take this class to learn how to use readily available components to turn on things like big lights, heaters and motors… Safely !! Learn about the different technologies used to switch power, electro-mechanical and Solid State Relays, MOSFETs, Bipolar transistors, H-Bridges. Learn about safety considerations. Very important - learn how determine if you are putting too much into your switch. Easily control things like motors, lights, heaters, fans.

About the Instructor

Jim Schaefer works on a variety of Parallax projects, and co-hosts our Electronic Techie Night Meetup. Jim is the owner of Schaefer Electronics Solutions, where he sells software and offers electronics consulting. Come pick his brain for knowledge on micro-controllers, making your own circuits with our CNC engraving machine, and more.

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ROC-210: Intro to Power Switches: MOSFETs and Relays
Rocklin Hacker Lab 4415 Granite Drive #200, Rocklin, CA 95677 Map
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