Are You Ready For Some Great Board Games?

Want to play some "fun" games and meet new people, and get away from the kids for a couple hours now and again? Want to learn, teach, and play games beyond the likes of Monopoly?  And nothing overly complicated and strategic?

You've found the right group!

We play a very wide range of board and card games, like Settlers, Codenames, Coup, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Ticket to Ride - those sorts of games.  We also play many different card games and deduction games like Werewolf.  Nothing super difficult; we go for a mix of luck and skill and some good humor. No games where everyone waits around while "that guy" spends 10 minutes analyzing every possible move to get that 1 extra point.  Who needs that on a game night??!!  Casual games!  Maybe Cards Against Humanity now and again?

Who's welcome?  Pretty much anyone!  No prudes!  Seriously.  I know a lot of people say they are the "fun type", but when Cards Against Humanity comes out, or your Munchkin lass gets to FINALLY use the "Kneepads of Allure"......ya gotta have a funny bone.

(This is a Free! event.)

Here's a link to our Meetup page; please go there to RSVP:

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ROC-Meetup: Gamers In the Burbs Meetup
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