Advanced HAM Training and Preparation for FCC Licensing

Learn the entry-level basics of ham radio (amateur radio), basic electronics, radio frequency propagation, radio use for hobby & personal enjoyment, or emergency preparedness. Covers FCC rules and, good radio etiquette. This class will get you started in preparing to take the 30-question multiple-choice FCC Amateur Technician License Exam, held regularly in the area by local clubs. It will also include introductions to local ham radio clubs and emergency communications groups. The class will be especially useful for new and experienced emergency preparedness specialists. THIS IS NOT A HAM CRAM.


What You Will Get Out of this Class

This class is designed to help you prepare for the FCC licensing test.  Like most Hacker Lab classes, it will be focused on hands-on training for the process.  The class focuses on the actual usage of the HAM radio and emergency communications (rather than studying test questions so you can pass a test).

Prepare to take the 30-question Multiple-choice FCC Element 2 Amateur Technician License Exam covering:

  • FCC Rules & procedures
  • Amateur Station Setup & procedures
  • Radio Wave Characteristics
  • Electronics Components, Circuits, Principles & Math
  • Troubleshooting common problems & basic repair
  • Modulation Modes Antennas & feed lines
  • Electrical Safety & Hazards

 This 3-hour class is being offered free to our members and the community, through the generous offer of instructor Jonathan Taylor.  There is no fee for this class.

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