Sign up for this class to get hands-on training using the FormLabs resin printers (the Rocklin Hacker Lab now has a Form2 Resin Printer, as well as the Form1+).  You will have an opportunity to learn to turn a vat of goop into a surprisingly elegant prototype or model of whatever you printed.

Prototyping on 3D printers is surprisingly easy and takes very little time, compared with traditional manufacturing methods.  For manufacturers wishing to develop new products, it is a great tool.  3D printing offers many options that conventional manufacturing lacks.

Reminder to Hacker Lab Members: this class is required to use the FormLabs resin printer, either at the Rocklin or Sacramento Midtown locations.


Class Structure

We will review:

– Our reservation, logging and pricing systems.
– Available CAD training.
– Overview of working with Resin 3D printers

– Navigating the software required to run the resin printer
– Filling the vat and checking the mirror for drips
– Launching a print, cleaning resin vat, watching for errors.
– Removing and cleaning your print

About the Instructor

Phillip Mally brings his skills and talents with all things electronic, especially 3D printers, to help students learn about using the 3D printers.  He is an incredibly smart and very knowledgeable person, from mechanics to computer and internet technologies.  He’s great at teaching others what he has learned.

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