This is the intro class to learning the use of design software for the Laser Cutter.  This is the first class required for use of the Laser Cutter at the Rocklin Hacker Lab.  (If you are already familiar with using design software, you may opt out of this class and sign up directly for Intro to Laser Cutting.)

This class will introduce you to the basic tools and techniques of CorelDraw, one of the most popular design software packages available.  Whether you are using the Laser Cutter or the ShopBot, or simply want to make great artwork for your business or home office, this will be a really helpful class!


Class Description

This is an Intro course for people wanting to use the Laser Cutter.  You need to be able to load your designs into the Laser Cutter, and Corel Draw is a good, basic package to use to develop your designs in.

Students will learn to use the basic tools available in Corel Draw, including drawing shapes, combining objects, and morphing designs using various Toolbar options.  The instructor will provide a handout that details the various Toolbar options, as a learning tool and to help you after the class.

This class or similar experience is a Pre-requisite for the Rocklin “Intro to Laser Cutting” class, which focuses primarily on the use of the Laser Cutter.


What to Bring?

Please bring your laptop with you!  And make sure to bring a flash drive with you.


Please pre-load your laptop computer with CorelDraw or InkScape:

  • For PCs:

Load your laptop with a free copy of InkScape:  https://inkscape.org/en/download/

  • For Macs:

Load a (Free for 30-days) trial copy of CorelDraw: http://www.coreldraw.com/us/free-trials/


About the Instructor

My name is Randall Thompson. I have been using Corel Draw for over a decade. As a Hacker Lab teacher, I will teach you the tools you need accomplish the goals for your CorelDraw project. Over the years I have done many projects and gained helpful knowledge along the way. I have worked with CNC routers, lathes, robotic arms, table routers, lasers and most working tools. I hope to share this knowledge with you and assist you if I can.

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