What You'll Learn

This is not your average Micro-controller class. Take this class to learn how to use readily available components to turn on things like big lights, heaters and motors,safely! Learn about the different technologies used to switch power, electro-mechanical and Solid State Relays, MOSFETs, Bipolar transistors, H-Bridges. Learn about safety considerations and how determine if you are putting too much into your switch. Learn how to easily control things like motors, lights, heaters, fans.

  • Using readily available components to make interesting circuits
  • Learn about relays: Power, Electro-Mechanical, & Solid State
  • What are transistors? Learn about MOSFETs, Bipolar transistors, & H-Bridges
  • How to control Motors, Lights, Heaters, & Fans


    Come prepared to have fun while you're learning! This is a high powered class and there are always a few surprises.

Important Information

- Electronics


- Relays

- Power Switches

- Things that go “Boom” (sometimes)

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