What You'll Learn

This class will start with a DXF file of a bird house and use it to generate a toolpath for the Shopbot. Then we will cut it out of plywood using the Shopbot and assemble the finished project. This class is strongly focused on the CAM features in Fusion 360 to generate tool paths for 3 Axis CNC cutting machines like the Shopbot. It is not a good class for learning how to use Fusion 360 to make 3D models. For that please see Fusion 360 for the laser cutter class to get a detailed understanding of how to make 3D models.

*Attendees must provide ticket number at front desk

NOTE: This is a 2-day class.

DATES: Mon & Wed, 6pm - 9:30pm

    In this class you learn about:
  • 3D CAM Design with Adobe's Fusion 360 ( pockets and contours )
  • Creating a tools library and adding your CNC bits to it.
  • Automated Dog Bones for corners
  • Post Processing of finished project for the Shopbot.
  • Cutting the finished project on the Shopbot


  • Shopbot / CNC
  • CAD/CAM Design
  • Assembling Project

Important Information

Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended you have completed the Rocklin “Intro to Shopbot" class before you take this class. This class serves as a good review for people who's Shopbot skills are rusty or for those who learned how to use the Shopbot downtown but now want to use the Shopbot Desktop in Rocklin. For students who have not yet had a Shopbot class, the teacher will run the Shopbot and the student will be allowed to observe.

Bring a good laptop with you if you have one available. Please be advised that this program runs well on powerful laptops and not so well on older / slower laptops, like the ones computer lab. Make sure to have Fusion 360 loaded on your PC prior to the class.

    About the Instructor

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