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Exploration in the Makerspace with ShopXD

Learn how to use the tools in the makerspace.


Valuable skills for the future. From laser cutters to 3D printers and woodshop tools to design and coding skills, students will explore the basics of making in this course. This is where students gain access to amazing new tools and knowledge and complete projects that involve problem solving and creativity.


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Hands-on making and tech knowledge

The mixture of learning to make with tools and design and code for those objects and ideas is a fulfilling experience that not only leads to many opportunities in tomorrows job market, but also makes for a happy human.


Safety in the shop.

Glasses, dust masks, hearing protections – students take with them a fundamental knowledge of how to interact with tools and others in the shop for future workplaces.



Design Simple Physics Games with GameXD

Design your own story and art for a digital comic..


A booming game market. The most profitable games are often the simplest. People enjoy a basic challenge, and physics-based games are intuitive for both experienced and new players alike.


Apply your own ideas to the games you make. An environment for students to be creative, and explore what it means to code a game. Through changing colors, variables, and behaviors of objects, students can create new challenges and games.


Real examples of real physics. Students explore basic physics terms and ideas, and get real examples of these concepts that increase their basic knowledge in science.


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Take home your project files.

We believe that game making is a vital skill in today’s world. Finished games are massive undertakings, and would put impossible deadlines on students to get their projects done. Instead, students can put the games on their own computers and continue work at home, which are playable through the whole process. What they truly take away is a fundamental understanding of how to make games, and the design and methods that go into them.


Learn the basic concepts behind coding in games.

When we say hassle-free coding, we mean it. With our streamlined process, students leave with coding abilities, such as how to store variables, call events, and write functions, all of which are made simple in this course.

 Hosted by:

Robert Calvert, PhD
Adjunct Professor l University of the Pacific
Affiliated with EdD in Educational and Organizational Leadership
MA in Educational Entrepreneurship

As Founder of the Sacramento Makers Academy, a nontraditional STEM school, Dr. Robert Calvert provides an alternative learning environment for young entrepreneurs and makers in grades 6-12. The only maker school in the greater Sacramento area, the academy's focus is technology and fabrication. Students learn programming, robotics, 3D modeling, 2D design, woodwork, metalwork, and plastic fabrications. Academic coursework is tied in, where possible, to student interests and projects. The academy has expanded to work as a partner with local independent charter schools. Robert's research deals with the educational achievement and expectations of foster youth, and how teacher priorities affect standardized test scores. Robert believes that learning is most authentic when it involves real problems.

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