Join us for a SPECIAL speed mentor connection session where we pair you up with with experienced makers, coders and entrepreneurs to accelerate your journey from idea to prototype.

 Date: Friday May 10th
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Location: Hacker Lab Rocklin
4415 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA
Price: $5 per session

This event is pat of the "Growing With Confidence" event series in partnership with SBDC, Haney Biz, Placer Business Resource Center, and Sacramento Metro Chamber. Learn more here.



Alan Ware: Product Design

3D printing, CNC machining, mechanical engineering among st many products.

Dan Casas-Murray: Lean Startup

Websites get boring if you can't use CSS to make them pretty, so we dive right into this important topic on day two.

Gina Lujan: Startup Bootstrapping

Gina Lujan is the Founding CEO of Hacker Lab and a serial Entrepreneur. She has started many of her endeavors on a shoestring budget and self taught methodology.

Dan Koellen: Electronics / Fundraising

Helped build a pre-revenue startup to $300M sales and $3B valuation, active angel investor, startup mentor, longtime electronics maker and fledging hacker.

Digital Products: Jake Elia

Started first business at seventeen years of age. Since then has launched several ventures and numerous digital products.

Luisa Hunter: Sewing & Textiles

I turned a passion for designing clothing into a successful career in the apparel industry. My early experience in sewing proved invaluable in prototyping my ideas.

Michael Balstad: Financial Planning

Michael Balstad is an SBDC mentor focused on financial planning for small businesses. 

Michael Menderson: AI / Machine Learning

Turned an idea from his high-school math class into an education company and now helps 1000s of developers start their first AI projects with Nvidia. 

Nile Mittow: IoT / Electronics

Hacker Lab CTO with a background in Embedded devices, IoT, and a wide array of prototyping techniques including CAD, 3D Printing, and all things Maker.

Nolan Erck: Apps, Web Apps, Software

Independent consulting for 12+ years on web/mobile technologies. Worked w/ Adobe, Intuit, startups and other agencies.

Roger Mulkey: CNC, PM, Woodworking

Electrical engineer, woodworker, CNC Machinest, and retired Intel Project manager.

Steve Hunter: Robotics

I turned my early passion in robotics into a successful career in automation design and repair. I now use my lifetime education and experience to help others with similar interests and aspirations.



The goal behind these sessions is to provide introductions to mentors that can help point you in the right direction, either advice, referrals, processes, and capabilities.  Each session will be 20 minutes.  Hacker Lab is equip with 200,000 worth of advanced manufacturing tools and equipment, here to help you go from idea to prototype.
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