What You'll Learn

A laser cutter is a rapid prototyping machine that uses a CO2 laser beam for cutting and etching precise shapes out of wood, plastic and other rigid materials. Think of it as a printer, but with more firepower!

  • Laser cutting in practice
  • High-level overview of design software
  • Vector versus raster files and why it matters
  • Laser cutter design considerations
  • Student design process
  • Review errors and ways to prevent them
  • Laser Safety, Rules, and Guidelines
  • Introduction to components of the laser cutter
  • Overview of materials
  • Preparing the machine for operation
  • Safety, rules, and guidelines review
  • Positioning the laser and workpiece
  • Navigating the laser cutter's UI software
  • Begin cutting
  • Post-cut cleaning
  • Finishing techniques for wood pieces


  • Laser Cutting
  • Design Considerations
  • Safety
  • Finishing

Important Information

It is strongly recommended that attendees take our Intro to Design for Laser Cutting class OR have experience in using vector design software (AI, CorelDraw, CAD, Inkscape, etc.) prior to taking this class as it does NOT cover design in detail.


Students should bring a USB flash drive to class with at least 500mb or more of free storage.


It is highly recommended to bring a laptop as well, with Inkscape (free design software) downloaded onto your laptop.


Bring your graphics file(s) on a thumb drive if you took Intro to Laser Cutting 101.

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ROC-102: Intro to Laser Cutting
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