Want to get into programming but can't wrap your head around all that code-stuff? This is the place to start.

Parallax Inc. (a local Rocklin company) has been creating electronics and programming projects packages with education since before Arduino was a thing. Recently, they've released a wonderful visual programming enviroment, BlocklyProp, that allows new and experienced programmers alike to develop microntroller projects quickly, without having to worry about on pesky things like semicolons and syntax. If you want to program, but don't know the first thing about what programming is, this platform can help you get into the right mindset while learning the fundamentals common to many programming languages.

We'll cover:

  • What is the Propeller microcontroller and how do you program it: - Assembler, Spin, Prop C, BlocklyProp - Understanding the Philosophy of Blockly - Installing and running BlocklyProp. - Understanding coding control blocks - How to use loops to do repetitive tasks - Switching outputs and turning LEDs on and off with micro-controllers - View the C-code that Blockly creates for your program. - Real hardware demos: Show me, what can I do with Blocky...

Equipment Covered

  • Computer Lab - ROC

Important Information

Please bring a Windows, Mac, Or Chromebook laptop if you have one, however there will be computers you can use for the class if needed.

Though primarily targeted at adults, young people 12-17 and up may attend when accompanied by their parent or guardian.

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