NOTE: This is a 2-day class, Monday and Weds from 6pm to 9:30pm. The ticket for the first date includes the second day, no need to buy a ticket for each day.

This 2 day class is designed to offer a more complete walktrhough of the design and fabrication process for laser cutting projects. Attendees will cover the entire lasercutting workflow, including file design with Fusion 360 (CAD), design considerations, material selection, and laser cutting procedure.

If you're completely new to the concept of CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled machines) this is a fantastic first course to take.

This class will start with a DXF file of a bird house and use it to generate a template for the Laser Cutter. Then we will cut it and assemble.

We'll cover:

  • Sketching 2D drawings
  • Dimension driven design
  • Constraints such as perpendicular, midpoint, colinear, etc...
  • Extrusion of 2D drawings into 3D objects,
  • How to create parameters like height, width, depth to make the project is easy to scale
  • How to use the very powerful timeline feature.
  • Cutting solids with other solids.
  • Testing for interference to make sure everything fits the first time.
  • How to flatten our 3D model using joints
  • And finally how to make a DXF file for the laser cutter.

Equipment Covered

  • 100W Laser - ROC

Important Information


It is not necessary to bring a laptop but if you do please have Fusion installed and running. Hobbyists can get a free license.

Laser cutter skills are NOT necessary, however this class will not certify you to use the Laser Cutter outside of this class.  For certification, please take the Intro to Laser Cutting Class.

Please be sure to arrive on time!

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