This is the basic TiG welding class required for members who'd like to use Hacker Lab's TiG welders, as well as those who are curious about TiG welding. Attendees should take the MiG Welding for beginners class prior to this.

This course covers the basic techniques for TiG welding through demonstration and hands on experience, but is not a comprehensive training program, nor is it designed to provide any industry certifications.

We will also discuss welding safety, and some basics about what TIG welding is and how it is applied in industry.

Students will finish the class with an understanding of the components, adjustments of a TIG welder and experience welding mild steel.

We'll Cover:

  • Explanation of a TIG welder and how to adjust and operate the unit.
  • Demonstration on how to sharpen and install tungsten rod.
  • Demonstration on how to form and maintain a weld puddle.
  • Demonstration on how to add filler metal to a weld puddle.
  • Demonstration on how to connect to pieces of metal together.
  • Each of these demonstrations will have a hands-on experience portion for students.
  • Upon completion of the class students will also be prepared to use the Metal Fabrication Labs, which will give students an opportunity to work on their own metal fabrication projects.

Equipment Covered

  • TIG Welder - Miller Dynasty 200 - ROC
  • Welding Safety

Important Information

Wear 100% cotton pants and a long sleeve 100% cotton shirt.

Closed toe shoes or leather boots are ideal.

Don’t wear anything that you don’t mind getting dirty and possibly burnt.

Bring safety glasses, leather gloves, welding helmet and welding jacket if you have them.

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CANCELLED: TiG Welding for Beginners - ROCWLD002
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