Join this great Meetup group put on by Hacker Lab staff and teachers, to learn about the latest in electronics and microcontrollers projects. This forum is a great place to bring your latest project and your questions. Our teachers will be bringing their most recent class projects and personal projects to share with you. Special presenters will join us to share their knowledge - everything from hardware systems to the latest in Parallax projects.

This Week:

Mike Jacobs will present a talk about his project on  Rapid web based FPGA:

WebFPGA is a cloud-based development environment for FPGAs with compatible development boards. From the second you plug it in, you will be  able to write verilog, synthesize, and flash the FPGA board from within a browser. NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED!

WebFPGA greatly reduces the barrier to entry for developing custom digital logic. In the past, users were required to obtain expensive specialized hardware, install a large IDE toolchain, and configure drivers to start learning about Verilog and FPGAs. Now any user with a laptop (be it Chromebook, Windows, Mac, or a Linux system) can begin learning immediately without being overwhelmed by the complicated install process and learning a convoluted IDE.

WebFPGA has online examples for Neopixels (serially-controlled RGB LEDs), 7-segment displays, audio DACs, RGB dot matrix displays, general purpose switches, and LEDs. Additional hardware with accompanying examples are coming soon.


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