Join this great Meetup group put on by Hacker Lab staff and teachers, to learn about the latest in electronics and microcontrollers projects. This forum is a great place to bring your latest project and your questions. Our teachers will be bringing their most recent class projects and personal projects to share with you. Special presenters will join us to share their knowledge - everything from hardware systems to the latest in Parallax projects.

This Month: Parallax Propeller 2 Update - Jeff Martin Senior Software Engineer at Parallax Inc.

The Parallax Propeller 2 multi-core microcontroller is closing in on production status. The Propeller 2 is the forthcoming sequel to the Parallax Propeller Multicore Microcontroller released in 2006. The Propeller 2 builds upon Parallax's multicore concept with more RAM, speed, built-in analog I/O and more.

Jeff will provide updates on the progress of this product in the 9 months since the previous presentation. Topics include, current state of silicon, available hardware/software, resources, and goals. He will bring a working P2 part to show and demo.

Examples and current community activities will also be shown as well as info on how others can get involved.

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