• Hi! My daughter just got accepted into Program 42, a coding school for awesome kids! She also has to find someone to take over her lease because the leasing agency won't let her out of it yet. Please help this apartment find it's student in need. Do you know anyone in school that would love to live in a safe quiet community convenient to everywhere for school here? Check out the link please! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/roo/d/sacramento-3-bed-3-bath-6-residents/6894277318.html
  • Hello Earth, If anyone has an interest building RC or Robots, inbox me a message, or if you have questions just comment here.
  • Midtown Makerspace Update?!

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    Hello HL Team! What's the completion timeline on the remainder of Midtown's makerspace? *In particular regards to the SHOPBOTTTT + the electrical hookups to the back half of the machinery? Been doing a lot of extention cord plugging/unplugging, rolling around the vacuum system for the drum sander/planar + moving aside construction boxes/materials in order to use equipment and so forth. It's becoming a headache 😒. When's the official "grand opening" of this location's maker space? On a...
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  • Hi all, we were contacting about helping SCUSD find a coding teacher for a 10-week, 20-session coding program in South Sacramento. The curriculum would be general CS and is already set. If you are interested, please let me know asap! Starts next week. Thank you, Michael Mott - [email protected]
  • Need Seamstress

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    I have shirts that need logos attached in two locations. I have the shirts and the patches, need someone that has the capability to sew them on. I have these often so this would be an ongoing oppurtinity.
  • Both my macbook pro and iphone 7 haven't been able to connect to the membership wifi in the Rocklin location for a few days now. I've reset the DNS and deleted my preferences and rebooted my laptop 3 times now, but nothing seems to work. If anyone can help me out with this, that would be awesome. This location is the only place i'm having network issues.
    Nile M. Nile M.
    GIve it another go - I had an issue with one of the APs in rocklin that was just resolved today.If issue persists, reach out to [email protected]
  • Posting the message with permition from an email I received. I’m looking for someone who can update our non profit website created in word press I already have information that should be updated. I am also looking for word press classes so I can update in The future. Lisa 917-496-7764
  • Hello, I work for a small business and we purchased a laser engraver that no longer fits our needs. Please let me know if anyone is interested. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/tls/d/sacramento-gweike-lg900-laser-engraver/6802828839.html Best, Dan
  • The Art Council of Placer County is turning Hacker Lab Rocklin into an Art Gallery! Parties interested in submitting works can apply here: http://www.placerarts.org/placer-artists-gallery-hacker-lab-new-beginnings/


  • From time to time I receive emails regarding grants or other opportunities that are distributed through the fablab network and figure this would be a good place to post them. Please do your own due dilligence on the organization offering, this post is as a convenience and not an endorsement. Dear colleagues, We are contacting you from Fabcube Vittorio Veneto (Italy) and here's a brief description of our activities. Fabcube Vittorio Veneto mainly deals with digital manufacturing ...
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