What You'll Learn

The class will get the user familiar with:



  • What is the Propeller microcontroller and how do you program it: - Assembler, Spin, Prop C, BlocklyProp - Understanding the Philosophy of Blockly - Installing and running BlocklyProp. - Understanding coding control blocks - How to use loops to do repetitive tasks - Switching outputs and turning LEDs on and off with micro-controllers - View the C-code that Blockly creates for your program. - Real hardware demos: Show me, what can I do with Blocky...


  • Electronics
  • Parallax Micro-controllers
  • Blockly

Important Information

Students should bring their own laptops, Hacker Lab has a small number of Laptops availble to use however they are offered on a first-come-first serve basis. If you donot have your own laptop, please contact the instructor ahead of time to confirm that one will be available.

    About the Instructor

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